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Jan 15

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Everyone must have some habits in their life. It could be anything and as long as that habit doesn’t damage your life or impact your life negatively, I guess it should be fine.

As someone who loves to read books (I’m not reading many books yet, to be honest), I also have some habits that in my opinion, are a bit strange. Maybe some of you can relate to me?

  1. I don’t remember the book’s storyline.
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If someone asks me why I give a book five stars or why I think it is interesting enough to be recommended, I usually will say “it is good” or “I like it” or “It makes me cry.” I rarely give out the detail of the storyline not because I don’t want to but because I don’t remember what I just read. Sad, isn’t it? That’s why I force myself to make a thread on Twitter about some random quotes or the character’s act so I can have something to remember other than the moral story and the feeling I got when I was reading it.

2. It is hard for me to remember the character’s name.

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If any of you have read an Indonesian book named Cantik Itu Luka (translated to English with Beauty is Wound as its title), you’ll know how struggling I was to remember who was whose husbands, who was whose wifes, and who was whose parent. I usually only remember what that character was saying or what they did to explain it to other people.

Instead of saying his name, I’ll say, “Oh, do you remember that guy who was involved in the fight and made the main character come to their place and risk his life?” Until now, I don’t remember his name but I know that the character I am talking about is Yunjae’s classmate who turned into his best friend (the main character from Almond, my most favorite book of all time).

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Instead of saying her name, I’ll say, “Do you know that brilliant girl who became the one and only person who knew her mother’s identity disorder?” She is one of the main characters from an Indonesian novel named Rumah Lebah (Bee’s House).

3. Before reaching the main problem or the climax part, I stop reading.

I don’t know why but it always feels like I need time before the downfall. I used to scroll down my social media, do the laundry, or even finish my assignments before I sit seriously to dive into those critical parts.

4. I can’t read a book while laying myself.

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I’ll definitely sleep if I do this. No matter how engaging the book is, how much I love the book is, the book will be the one who looks at me, not the other way around. I’ll only able to do this if I read comics or Alternate Universe and I don’t even know why.

Maybe some of you should drink a cup of tea while reading a book. Perhaps some people can’t read a physical book because of one reason or other and choose to read with the e-reader. Maybe some of you need to read in quiet without any single sound. Perhaps some people have the same habits as me.

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy what you read!